The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said on August 27, attending the cultural field of cultural field by attending the ‘Growth Bridge Forum’ and ‘Regulatory Innovation Discussion’, .

In the field, the SMEs of the SMEs, the Innovise Association, the Korea Metropolitan Government Association Association, the Korea Institute of Medicine Corporate Association, Korea Female Economic Association, Korean Women’s Venture Association, Korean Youth Company,

The Growth Bridge Forum is a meeting in which the Ombudsman and SMEs associations, and groups of SMEs invit as the Senior Officer, to discuss regulations and releases. This time, we opened cultural arts, games, tourism, sports, such as cultural field regulations.

There are two things that have been talked about this game. One is that the ‘game law’ amendment, which does not have to be able to do the contents of the content, which does not affect the age ratings, is to quickly support the National Assembly. When this law is passed, the duty of the reporting of the game is deducted.

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The second is to prepare regular education on game-related businesses online. I am amended the relevant regulations in December last year, and establishes a system this year and proceed with online education from next year.

Hwang Hee Min said, As social disturbance persists, performances, athletic facilities, tourism, etc., and cultural enterprises and employees are experiencing serious difficulties. We will do their best for small regulations to solve their difficulties, and we will do our best to continue to expand government support. I said the discussion.