It started the Free Fire League Latin America , the tournament that brings together the 24 best teams in the region in several weeks of competition. Over a total of 45 games, the northern and southern teams will fight for one of the 12 spaces in the finals.

The FREE Fire League Latin America has two groups, dedicated to the cones of the region. Then, we have 12 teams in the North Group and 12 in the South , competing over the next nine weeks. The Top 6 of each group will advance to the next phase of the event; The 9th -10 ° place will play a promotion tournament for the Free Fire League 2022 **; And the worst two teams from each group will leave the league. If you want to return, they should be part of the corresponding promotion tournament.

At the time of publication, the Free Fire League Clausura 2021 has two weeks of competition weeks. During that time, Garra Esports (North) and Newstar Esports (South) remained with the tip of the table, presuming 159 and 141 points, respectively. Team Aze , Team that was to the International in the past semester , is ahead with 26 points. It is the one who has a better score between both groups: the second lowest is Isurus, who recently announced the Team Aze Exjugator Saver.

Another less important data is that all teams accumulated a total of 957 murders and 25 Booyah. In addition, GOD ESPORTS presume of 28 lows, one of the highest markers today. But if high numbers it is, Garra Esports is sweeping with the closing season . The newcomer of the league has as many points in both groups (159), in addition to leading the marker of murders with 71. Under Booyah, is tied with Infinity Esports , its escort.

To continue with the good streak, Garra Esports will be contestant and favorite to win Latin American competition. Its best maps are Bermuda and Kalahari, where they have 25 and 24 murders, respectively. It also has low group leaders in group A: Chris has 25 and Kevin has 22 .

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The Fire Fire League Clausura Latin America Every Saturday and Sundays are played .