Free Fire Mobile Battle has created a place for itself in the Royal Style, attracted a massive followers in the subcontinent. Earlier, Garena had deployed a dedicated server to provide a better gaming experience and regional event and tournament for Bangladeshi Gamers.

However, recent incidents in Bangladesh are not particularly good for free fire players. The High Court of the country directed to ban the use of many applications including free Fire for a period of three months. According to the petition, there is a negative impact on the younger generation of mobile applications.

Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) passed the order to ban free fire and many other applications.

BTRC issued order to ban free fire in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission has issued an order, and the free fire has been banned in the country.

A notice by regular body was shared by a user on Twitter. It has been said that the High Court has issued the following orders:

The pending hearing of the rule, the defendants are instructed that they restrict / block / block / block / block all links / Internet gateways of all other similar online games for a period of three months.

Bangladesh Postal and Telecom Ministry has completed the process of blocking Pabji and Free Fire Games after the High Court’s instructions. However, the games may take some time to be completely closed.

  • Saad (@_saadop_) August 26 2021

It has been said that BTRC immediately followed the order of the High Court to the defendant and all its licensees.

Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission’s vice president Subrata Roy Maitra was quoted as the following referring to the order of the Telecom Department:

We have stopped Pubg and Free Fire and are taking steps to remove other harmful apps.

He further said that the action is being taken to suspend the use of other potential harmful applications like Tiktok, Bigo Live and Likee.

Vice Chairman further said,

Even if you close the app, they can be accessed through VPN (Virtual Private Network). We do not have the ability to close them. We will also write officers in charge of these apps to request them.

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Starting this year, the reports of Bangladesh’s education and the Home Ministry recommended to suspend Pubg Mobile and Free Fire in Bangladesh.

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