The latest patch of Garena Free Fire appears tomorrow and contains some new content that you can work in, as well as some of fans requested changes you can enjoy.

For the beginning, the decision was made to allow two players at the same time to make motorcycling, which should prove very helpful. If you have kept up to date on FREE FIRE, you know that Chapella is the latest character.

She is not an unknown in the limelight, as she was in the past the lead singer of a popular K-pop band. She can use her voice and its optimistic personality to heal everyone, even when she is on the battlefield. Chapella also increases the effects of healing objects and skills when used, and their passive skill healed member can reduce the HP loss rate of an ally when they sink.

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Two new weapons are also part of the contents. The Quick Fire Thompson is a SMG with a large magazine and a higher consistency than other weapons of its class. This is a good choice for fire battle with medium to low range. Apart from that, he lacks the sheer braking force of the MP40. Note that it is only available in classic mode.

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The smoke grenade is a strategic weapon with which you can affect the view of your opponent while you quickly escape or try to reposition itself. It is exclusively for Clash Squad, which is returned as a permanent mode after it quickly became a true fan favorite.

Clash Squad’s preseason will be available from April 9th ​​and is ideal for those who want to play at a more competitive level. The players are closely monitored in the preseason to give Garena an idea of ​​what may need to be refined. The Clash Squad Classic stays open for everyone.

A new pet, Ottero, is expected to arrive this month, and an airship will soon fly to heaven to start the Wonderland event on 19 April. Here are the full patch notes.

If you heard about it and have not tried it yet, you can download Garena Free Fire on both websites AppStore and Google Play.

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