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Free Fire Community, Amitbhai and X-Menia are two most famous names. Both of them have set themselves on YouTube and have been stored in a large number in this process. The main person is a member of the famous Survivor Guild.

At present, there are more than 11.2 million customers on their channel – Desi Gamers, while X-Menia are 1.85 million customers.

Amitabhai and X-menia sometimes cooperate and appear in each other’s video. Recently, X-Menia challenged Amitabhai to get a boon only by using Headhabhai.

Amitbhai accepted the Challenge of X-Menia’s headshot in Free Fire

Getting headshots in Free Fire is challenging and it requires high level accuracy. There is a need to practice a lot to develop the skills of headshots.

Amitbhai accepted the challenge to get a boon by using the headshots and attempted the same in the video. They demonstrated unbelievable skills and gameplay, which can see the user below:

X-Menia also said that she will give Amitbhai to ₹ 200 per headshot. However, it will only be valid only when he gets the boon.

During this process, Amitabhai had a total of seven murders. However, he could not secure the boon after an acute showdown in the final circle, and all his efforts were in vain.

The video is quite entertaining and interesting to see. Amitabhai and X-Menia provide great commentary in full video, whose readers will get pleasure in addition to incredible gameplay.

About ### Amitbhai and X-Menia

Amit Sharma, aka Amitbhai, are a major free fire youtuber. He is making contents related to freight Fire from October 2018 and he has seen a great growth. This link by clicking on, users will be redirected to Amitbhai’s YouTube channel.

Hemant Diases are a content creator and asports athlete. There are various videos related to many aspects of Battle Royal Title in their YouTube channel, and most viewed ones have been seen 12 million times. This link will take users to X-Menia’s channel.

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