Garena Free Fire, also referred to as Free Fire, is a fight royale game, developed by Garena as well as published by Garena for Android and iOS. It ended up being one of the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. The game got the honor for the Best Popular Ballot Game by the Google Play Shop in 2019. As of May 2020, Free Fire has set a record with
over 80 million daily energetic customers worldwide.
Since November 2019, Free Fire has grossed over $1 billion worldwide.Free Fire Max, an enhanced variation of Free Fire, is presently now in advancement. The preliminary pre-registration of Free Fire Max is currently open for MENA region.

The free Fire City Open 2021 was crowned as a champion, member of Hyderabad Nawabs: JaySimha, who is known as Blind Bablu, shared his experience of winning such a whirlwind. Popular Gamer Blind is related to Asports Roster.

In a special dialogue with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskinda Esports, Blind Bubble readers takes through their travels in the export scenario of Free Fire and shares their opinion about Free Fire Max.

1) Tell something about yourself. What was the starting point in your espress career and what were you doing before entering the world of mobile gaming?

My name is Jayasimha and my age is 20 years. I live in Hyderabad and my IGN is BLD-Bablu. I play under the banner of Blind Asports (Captains) and my role in the team is a rusher / cup. I have a lot of mobile gaming.

My Asports Career began in 2019. Before that, I played video games with negligence and focused more on studies.

2) Congratulations on your victory in Free Fire City Open 2021! Tell us your journey and your expectations preparing for the tournament.

We were preparing for free Fire City Open 2021 for a long time. After analyzing all the teams to dominate the City Final and qualify for the National Final, we were convinced that we will become the FFCO champion. This was because those teams could give us good competition, they had already been out in the City Final.

3) During the entire tournament, the Nawabs of Hyderabad were the proper part of appropriate opponents. Do you think who was the most difficult competitor in the entire tournament?

I think Lucknow Tigers (Team Elite) was the most difficult competitor in front of us in Free Fire City Open 2021.

4) Winning FFCO 2021 will not be easy. How much time did you give to the practice of free Fire?

We dedicate approximately 8-9 hours per day to practice free fire for FFCO 2021. Our main objective was to work on their weaknesses and improve their strong points.

5) Blind Asports Roster is one of the best esports roster. How do you feel like a team? Who is your coordination with the best?

I am feeling very proud to be a part of such a reputable organization, and it is very good to be part of a team, with which my chemistry is perfect. My synergies with a single knotra are the best.

6) What kind of free fire match do you prefer, Battle Royal or Clash Squad? And what logic behind it?

I prefer Battle Royal Mode in Free Fire because most competitive tournaments around the world revolve around the Battle Royal match.

7) Free Fire is celebrating its fourth anniversary, and has introduced two new characters through OB29 updates. Which Free Fire Character do you like and why?

I liked the character of Dmitri, which was presented in OB29 updates. I like him because he could use self-improvement on both his and his colleagues. He also offers 3 HP / sec for 10 seconds.

8) In addition to the characters, there is also a pool of pets to choose in Free Fire. Do you have any favorite pets?

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When it comes to Clash Squad matches, my favorite pet is Rocky. However, I prioritize Mr. Wagore and Falco for Battle Royal matches.

9) Free Fire boasts a good arsenal of weapons. Which players who want to move forward their ranks will advise them to combine what weapon?

Rank Pushers should choose the option of combining UMP and Woodpeker Gun.

10) What are your suggestions and tricks for the amateurs of free fire, which effectively and efficiently want to climb the rank?

I personally believe that players need to coordinate patience and team to pursue their levels efficiently and effectively.

11) While pre-registration has begun for free Fire Max, what are your thoughts and expectations about the upcoming advanced version of Free Fire?

Since Free Fire Max will be bigger in size, it will affect those players who have low-end devices. In the bright side, it will reduce the issues of those intervals that we face in the tournament.

12) Since Free Fire Max has created a promotion among free fire fans, what will be the impact on the Indian Asports scenario?

Free Fire Max will definitely help in creating an ecosystem, which will promote the ground level talent. Many amateur will come in the headlines due to this and will become the next big name.

13) Comparison of BattleGround Mobile India is often done from free fire. What is the difference between the two games and who do you like?

Two most popular and top rated games can not be compared around the world. However, if I have to choose, I will definitely choose the option of free fire because it has given me a platform to show my talent and proud of your city.

One of the major differences between BattleGround Mobile India and Free Fire is the attraction of brands towards BGMI organizations. Free Fire is in the phase of development and I definitely believe that in the future, many famous brands will work together with free fire.

14) There are more than 10K customers of your YouTube channel, Bablu Gaming. When it comes to building content, what is your goal? How do you plan to pursue your channel?

At present, I am not focusing on building material. I am working hard because my main purpose is to get the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) 2021. After the end of FFIC, my plan is to develop your YouTube channel.

15) What is your message for emerging free fire gamers who want to make it bigger in Indian Esports?

My only message for budding free fire gamers is to be calm and patient. You will not succeed in less time and wait until time comes. Just work hard and respect your skills.

Edited by Seju Samuel Paul

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