Free Fire provides many attractive in-game items including guns, bundles and other cosmetics. Users can buy them through the store or get through the event. In most cases they need to use diamonds in some way.

The high cost of diamonds often occur in front of users, and many players use it to redeem the code as a solution to this problem.

Free Fire Redeem Code for Indonesian Server is turned on 29 August 2021

Redeem Code: FF10KB849VXB.

Award: Shining Gold (Mask) and Fleming Wolf Vein Smash Crate.

Users should claim before crossing the prize validity limit.

Note: Only the user of the Indonesian server can redeem the code. The players of other areas who try to use it will run in an error message.

Using Redeem Code

To get the prize via free fire redem code, you must follow the exact steps listed below:

Step 1: This link will go to the official reward redemption website using it.

Step 2: To move forward, you have to log in to your free fire account. The following options are available on the website: Facebook, VK, Twitter, Appal ID, Huawei ID and Google.

The players who use guest IDs will be unable to collect their prizes because they have to sign in before registering the Redeem Code.

Tap the Confirm button after pasting the FF10KB849VXB code (Image through Fire Fire)

Step 3: After signing it once, type the Redeem Code in the text field and click on the Confirm button.

Step 4: When a dialog box appears on the screen, press OK. Your prize will soon be delivered to your ID. It is important to take care that this process may take up to 24 hours.

Step 5: You can sign in to your account and then retrieve items from the mail system.

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Fleming Wolf Vein Smash Crate can be opened from the Vault section and the mask can be collected from the same.

In this event that you receive an error message, you will be unable to collect awards.

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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