The streaming platform boom is back with another Free Fire Tournament. This tournament is continuing with Monitor’s recently concluded Boah League Boya League Matchers Final.

It is going to be held on Tuesday, August 31, where the top ten teams of the boo league will compete against two top teams of Major Play-Ins.

For two final slots, 23 and 24 participated in the Free Fire Major Play-in for the slot. Team D Asports and Team Hind won in play-in and secured their place in the Galls League Finals.

In major play-in, Team D Asports is at the top in the table with 80 kils and 192 points. Team Hind officials got second place with 57 ks and 163 points.

Tournament offers a prize pool of $ 10,000 (approximately 7.5 million INR) and it is specifically streamed through the Booyah app. Stream will start from IST at 6:00 pm, and the audience will have a chance to win special in-game gifts.

Free Fire Baih League Time to participate in the Finals

1 . Total gaming

2. Stone Crusher


4 . Head Hunters

5 . Team hind officer

6 . Young blood

7 . True Reports

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8 . Puzzle gaming

9 . Team D sports

10 . Visually

11 . Error

12 . Survivor 4 AM

A team in total gaming, fantastic form, and the winner of League Summer will be the favorites of this event. Total gaming also won free Fire Baya League Summer. The aggressive style of their play made them enabled them to dominate the league. TSM-FTX related to, which was now missed in the last tournament, they are also involved in victory.

It would be interesting to see that which team emerges as a champion in the Free Fire Boa Major League. This will be a tough competition, and in the end any team can surprise.

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