Free Fire already hFree its free rewards codes for this Monday, August 30 . The popular battle royale of Garena, one of the summer games on iOS and Android devices, allows you to improve and acquire new cosmetic elements without having to spend a euro. Therefore, then we leave the codes that are already available today. You have 24 hours to redeem them. We also explain them How to exchange them .

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In other news related to the game, we highlight our devices dedicated to explain how to get shots Auto Headshot, how to put colors, codes and symbols in the profile and how to put your invisible nick. Likewise, we let you get memory fragments and a list with the flag codes, which can be put on our profile and customize it Free we want.

Do not forget to take a look at the weekly agenda from August 24 to 31, where the musical tower and luck roulette stands out. On Monday and tomorrow, we have Gloo recharge and object in collaboration. Without further delay, we know All free reward codes today, August 30, 2021 , in Free Fire.

Free Fire: free reward codes August 30, 2021

  • 84J9-EYTY-FSMV
  • 2BEM-BE4T-XU4P
  • HK9X-P6XT-E2ET
  • Z63G-WUBM-E7GH
  • LH3D-HG87-XU5U
  • FF9M-J476-HHXE
  • FF9M-2GF1-4CBF
  • Jx5n-qcm7-u5ch
  • FF9M-2GF1-4CBF
  • 4ST1-ZTBE-2RP9
  • FFMC-5GZ8-S3JC
  • ECSM-H8ZK-763Q
  • Ffplpqxxenms.
  • Ffmc2sjlkxsb.
  • FFPlowHansma.
  • C23q2agp9ph.
  • Ffmcljesscr7.
  • F2FreeAH5CCQH.
  • 5FBKP6U2A6VD.
  • 5xmjpg7rh49R.

How to exchange free codes of Garena Free Fire?

  1. First: click on this link to access the official rewards portal, the reward exchange site.
  2. Second: Start session with your Free Fire account from the chosen option: Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter.
  3. In third place, enter the code of twelve (12) digits in the indicated space (be sure not to confuse some numbers with letters) and confirm.
  4. To finish: once you confirm the code you have selected, it will be enough to wait until they are reflected in your account.

Free Fire can be downloaded for free (Free-to-Play, hFree payment microtransales) on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play devices if you have a mobile or Android tablet. Those playing on PC can also download it following this tutorial.