Bungie added to Indestiny 2 with the new season new mods, which are unlockable by the seasonal artifact. Just a particular mod could overcome everything in the endgame again. We from Meinmmo show you which artifact mod is.

What are seasonal mods? These special mods are included in the seasonal artifact and can be unlocked by collecting EP. The difference to conventional mods is that they are specially aligned with certain builds that make the content of the final games easier and give you advantages, which definitely helps you in Destiny 2.

This can be the new mod: keepers who have been played with breakthrough and rooms in the last season, who love new mod particle decomposition for the artifact Wegfinder Compass.

This mod ensures that your damage is raised if you do damage to the same goal with a fusion rifle. This damage buff can be stacked 5x and thus ensures a crass increase in the damage.

But that’s not all. This mod also has a weakening effect. She weakens the goal by shots with your fusion gun. Thus, it is more prone to damage and concedes on top of that the damage buff of the mod itself.

In order to illustrate what the mod has on it, we link here to a video of Kackishd, in which it shows what the mod can do with Bossen:

According to Kackishd, the stacking buff for fiction rifles for everyone is from the feeder. Say, when a teammate shoots with a fusion rifle on a boss, he can stack the damage buff at 5 times and ensures that the remaining feeder benefits from the maximum buff.

The weapons harmonize really well with the mod:

  • Vex mythoclast
  • Sleeper simulant
  • One thousand voices
  • Needle tube
  • Stunned
  • Merciless

You can use the mod well: If you have a good fusion rifle in the special lot, this uses this and first ensures the stacked buff.

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For example, you can combine the recently with the needle saddle. If you have a rollover holder and Vorpal weapon, the better. Her fires with your merciless on the boss, ensures the necessary stackable buff and Debuff then switches to the needle tube and skin everything on it, what you have. Thus, the maximum damage can be achieved.

Fusion rifles could be the meta in the PVE

This note gives the new mod: It is characterized in that in the season 15 of Destiny 2 the fusion rifles could determine the endgame. At the moment it works as if fusion guns become the new meta weapons in the PVE. But not only normal, but also linear fusion guns.

This can be determined by the new mod particle decomposition and the update 3.3.0: Update and Mod favor fusion rifle species with a damage of 15%.

How do you find such mods that give you possibilities for destructive builds. Do you find that brings refreshment in the PVE meta or remains true to your anarchy? Let us know.