To spread the 5G fusion services of civilian central central 5G, a private considering such as the 5G PPP of the European Union is constructed. In addition, the smart city demonstration model will be established in the 5G specialization city.

The government set up this plan to focus on policy capabilities in the diffusion of 5G fusion services. Since the world’s first 5G communication commercialization, it is a strategy to spread the integrity of the accumulated service experience and the core infrastructure of Digital New Deal.

This is the aim of preempting global digital conversion flow and 5G-related markets.

The United States will promote the related policy in the name of the 5G upgrade command, and China will not miss the preemption in the 5G global market, with a 6,000-year-in-year-to-China-based, 5G, I also put it.

It is also why it focuses on the diffusion of 5G fusion service, which recognizes 5G importance and solve social issues in the uninterested and solving social issues in the broadcaster of socio-triggered by Corona 19.

We have planned to expand the development of civilian-centric service beyond the demonstration project of 5G 5 core services such as smart factory, autonomous travel, real content, digital health care, and smart city. .

The 5G + fusion service spreading strategy published by the 5th 5G Strategy Commission, which is held on the 18th of the Science and Technology Information Communications Department, is a new road to explore the fusion new services. It was established in four directions such as ‘Nuri-Gil’, which focus on ‘gourd’ ▲ 5G Global leadership, which is the ecosystem.

■ 5G fusion service Additional excavation

In a routine uninterruptible environment, I decided to find a method for learning gaps, nation’s safety, corona 19 overcome to 5G. It is also promoted to create early market to create five core service performance together with social issues.

First, we are instructed 5G technology on the field of educational sites and promotes a smart school building that can produce more than the actual facial lecture by VR and AR. For example, the curriculum of the engineering course of the engineering, medical and aridal practice courses is made in realistic content and disseminates 5G-based VR sports rooms to national elementary schools.

To reduce industrial disasters, we develop services to collect worker’s biometric signals with sensors in safety. In addition to the EEG and the heart rate, the environmental change in the area where the worker is located also collects with a 5G sensor. In the construction site, the disruption signs and safety accidents will be controlled in real time.

In a medical field, the platform development of mobile medical services to share diagnostic results with 5G and develops 5G dronal technology to advance to high degree of security services.

It is also promoted technology development for the expansion of the traditional market to the metaverse space for virtual accuracy of the difficulty of difficulties with Corona.

5G A new support policy will also proceed to the Buddha for the early market creation of the five core services. We focused on this year’s demonstration and demonstration projects.

■ Private Central 5G spread, Korean-type 5G PPP flush

In the European Union, the ‘5G PPP’ model, which is preparing a demonstration roadmap, depending on the 5G application field, is also introduced in Korea. It is a plan to operate a Korean 5G PPP that supports 5G fusion service spreads, including a place like a 5G forum.

5G PPP is scheduled to support practical support at the 5G + Industrial Convergence Innovation Center.

Case 5: Nosedive | Main Case | The Sinking City
In addition, a challenge contest for a private enterprise can challenge more to 5G fusion services. The excess of the competition was to provide opportunities to be developed as physical services through subsequent support.

We also develop a special network dedicated module for local 5G activation. It is an explanation of developing a separate terminal considering the characteristics of the 5G-specific network application site.

■ Public sector 5G Application spread, 5G + Specialized city construction

In order to spread the 5G service, it was preemptive in public areas and introduced 5G in various business environments. Smart business businesses that have public officials connect to government systems to 5G, have a current demonstration.

In addition, the ICT development demonstration project, which requires a communication network, is a plan that prioritizes 5G.

In public procurement, 5G fusion services and related equipment were supported to help us to take advantage of the innovation procurement system.

5G + Specialization It is also a part of the viscosity to review the construction of the specialized urban. It is a plan to create a 5G + specialized city that can comprehensively demonstrate 5G technology services, such as smart city projects.

The 5G + special city is a policy that we are implementing in earnest since 2023, planning to R & D reserveatang scattering projects. This city is scheduled to be a testbed to implement a variety of convergence services that meet the city conditions in building a special network with a 5G compact network.

■ 5G fusion ecosystem reinforcement

5G In order to strengthen the ecosystem, the terminal, the policy of increasing the competitiveness of the equipment is also promoted.

First, we develop a 5G module based on a domestic chip and develop a B2B terminal and develop a chipset for 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz. Support policies are also promoted for the development of small cells and repeater.

The university ICT research center has increased its specialized tracks to expand the cultivation of human resources and focus on other industries and fusion in software-centric universities.

Based on the fusion ecosystem, a variety of 5G + specialists are also conducted to ensure that professional companies can grow. This plans to increase 5G + specialized enterprises by 2026 to 1,800.

■ 5G + Global Leadership Expansion

5G Technical Competition To ensure competitiveness, 3GPP technology specifications, etc., strengthen the standard response, and develop 5G-based international joint innovation services.

This is a false that secures the advantage of the global standard and continue technology competitive advantage to 6G communication development.

5G-based international joint innovation services are also developed. Focus on increasing cooperation and targeting target technologies.

In addition, the approval evaluation of the mutual recognition agreement (MRA) increases the country. It is a policy that promotes Indonesia and MRA in the second half of this year and expanded to two-stage Mra in the United States.