Some drop locations in Free Fire offer more robbery than others. Players coming to these places can expect the loot of top notch, but it comes at a price which is ready to pay.

Due to the high quality of loot, other players, sometimes a dozen or more, descend to secure the initial game profit in these high booty areas. Now, while these are really dangerous, they are the best place to find the booty in the game so far.

Top 5 Landing Location with Good Loot in Free Fire

5) Refinery (Kalahari)

The refinery not only hosts the most disputed location on the map, but perhaps the most looted place. The players who will be able to get started and locked in the area, their loot will not end.

In addition to good loot, there are so many camping spots in this place, which is very good for those players who enjoy the defensive gameplay. However, winning this place is a potential work that only achieves something.

4) Command Post (Kalahari)

There is enough robbery for some teams in the command post. Players will find good weapons, many ammo, medkits and other items. Although this area is not competitive as refinery, it can be competitive here.

However, it is being said that, this place provides many hiding space which can use the player. Due to the compact nature of the location, the weapons of shotgun and close range will be the best option to use here.

3) Ballhar (Bermuda)

In Free Fire, Clock Tower remains a hot area due to the available robbery along with its location on the map during the entire match. The players who manage landing on the ground and want to secure the area, they will have to face a strong fight.

The safest way to rob this place will be that you go fast, loot as much as possible and then go to the hanger or factory. Closing most time zone is not worth the effort.

2) Peak (Bermuda)

There is a high risk, high reward situation to land on peak in Free Fire. During each match, only the most competitive players are descending here. Due to this scenario, the players will have to collect the booty using their intelligence and rotate as soon as possible.

However, if the players choose to stay back and fight, they will not get any shortage of arms and ammo in the field, and they can turn it off and turn it into one. Death potential areas provided they are sufficiently efficient.

1) Central (Aganwater)

Central is the ideal place for players who love to loot and close proximity. Due to having a large number of home in the field, the players can easily hide with opponents and loot easily.

While the location is not particularly hot, there is a lot of fight in every match in this field. Nonetheless, this area is still one of the best booty places in Free Fire.

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Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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