Free Fire is a great arsenal in which the player can choose from high quality weapons. SMGS is one of the best weapons for close-range and mid-range gunfights.

There are eight submachine guns in the game. These weapons have great accuracy and fire rate. Players can be difficult to choose the best SMG for themselves.

In this article, we discuss five best submachine guns in Free Fire till September 2021.

Best Submachine Guns in Free Fire by September 2021

1) MP 40

MP40 is one of the best SMG weapons in Free Fire Game. There is a base damage of 48 hitpoints in the weapon.

Its fire rate is 83 and it comes with a magazine capacity of 20 pills. Players can attach two additional attachments, including magazines and stocks.

2) CG 15

The second weapon in the best SMG list in Free Fire is CG15. Important armor penetration in the gun and comes with average loss of 50 hitpoints.

Its fire rate is 69 and it comes with a magazine capacity of 20 pills per round. Players can attach two attachments including forgrip and magazine.

3) MP5

MP5 is also an important option for those players who prefer SMG weapon in Free Fire. It has the impressive hit damage and 76 fire rate of 48 hit points.

Its limit in the game is 41, and its reload speed is 77. Its accuracy is 54, and the speed of movement is 66. Place for attachments such as muzan, forgrip and scope.

4) UMP

UMP has the best hit damage and range for SMG arms near UMP in Free Fire. Its average loss in the hit to 49 hitpoints.

It comes with a magazine capacity of 48 pills per round. There is also impressive reload speed of 77. Players can attach various attachments, including silencer, muzzle, forgrip and scope.

5) p90

The P90 has the best ammunition capacity among SMGs in Free Fire. There is amazing ammunition capacity of round 50 pills per weapon. It comes with the average damage to 48 hitpoints.

Its reload speed is 48, and the rate of fire is 75. Players can attach magazines, stock and scope.

The list is subjective and reflects the author’s opinion.

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