Free Fire YouTuber Arthur Crusher Foucie Ramos recently disclosed on Twitter that he was kidnapped, and he had to pay more than R $ 100,000 to be released.

Crusher Fooxi is a free fire content manufacturer with 623K followers on Twitch with approximately 4.82 million customers on YouTube. On August 19, 2021, Crusher FUXi took twitter to tell his fans that his São Paulo was kidnapped.

The ray of NS claimed that the kidnappers had robbed him, who knew all the relevant details about him. Crusher Fudi was able to get access to its social media accounts, the kidnappers are now reportedly in police custody.

Abuse of Free Fire Creator Crusher Foucie now in police custody

According to the reports, the crusher fox was kidnapped with his girlfriend. In the question, mother-in-law is considered to be the mother of her girlfriend. On August 19, all three were kidnapped in São Paulo, the kidnappers had forced the crusher Fudi to move approximately R35,000 dollars in their bank accounts. The kidnappers used the PIX payment system, which is made by the Central Bank of Brazil to enable immediate payment throughout the country.

In addition, the kidnappers also stole the goods like cell phones, car stereo and a lot, whose price has been reported approximately $ 73, 000. The event is of August 18, after which the abductors left the three victims. The next day, Crushers Fudi was able to reach its Twitter account and posted details about the exam.

Beware of the new wave of kidnapping that you are out of there, they kidnap you and forcing you to pix, it happened tomorrow. I dismissed more than 100 thousand, but the important thing is that life is thankful to God. I’ll do boss and everything. I want some time for my psychology

  • Crusher Focusy (@Crusherfooxi) August 19, 2021

Fuck the money, we will take it back. But what about walking psychological and security? The path is safely armed, this is what I am going to do, you may be looking at it, because you knew everything about me. We see a lot of goodness in people and forget the evil, it will change

  • Crusher Focusy (@Crusherfooxi) August 19, 2021

The first kidnapper was arrested on August 23, while another person was found guilty of providing information to the kidnappers besides giving information about Crusher Fox. Dreaming of the context of the following comments:

The worst day of my life tomorrow, I will be on vacation for a few days and I will tell you what happened. Tomorrow was kidnapped with my girlfriend and her mother. Let us get money back, but what is the safety of psychological (loss) and roaming?

As it shows tweets, crushers were devastated by the Foxy exam and they had claimed that they sometimes forget about the evil of people, which he said he will not be again.

Even though three victims were able to reach home safely, crushers reported to recover all the money and stolen items. The third person involved in the abduction has identified, but he is not yet in police custody.

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