In Garena Free Fire, play important effects on the results of playable characters. A player who has equipped a decent receives strategic benefits on his opponents in the Character game.

The classification of free fire characters, each of which has a unique ability. Gamer can choose between active and passive skills, but the decision-making process is quite complex. This article will look to simplify the process.

Free Fire Character: What are the best options in September 2021

5) Vucong

Monkey King, Vukong, Vukong, is a fan-favorite with an active ability called camouflage, which turns him into a bush, so that he becomes an excellent choice in Free Fire.

Users can turn into a bush for 10 seconds (max) and can return to Vukong as soon as I fire on opponents. He is a good choice for defensive gameplay, and when players are weak, then can afford the calculation by attacking opponents.

However, despite these benefits, there is a major thief in the form of Vukong’s CD. In the camouflage, the level 1 is 300 second cooldown, which can be reduced to 200 at the maximum level.

4) Alok

The player can use Alok to provide excellent team support because the agility of the team’s colleagues increases up to 10%. This increased speed speed helps to retreat with a profit against enemies while pushing against weak opponents.

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In addition to the increased speed, users get HP restoration at the rate of 5 HP / S by using Drop The Beat. It lasts for five seconds at first level, which can be extended for 10 seconds at the sixth level.

3) Dimitri

Update the fourth anniversary in line-up through Dmitry. He has an active ability, Healing Heartbeat, which makes healing zones with 3.5m range.

Players and their affiliates can use this treatment area to fix HP. At the initial level, the recovery rate is 3 HP / S, and can fix themselves using a downd player / affiliate treatment area.

Their capacity moves up to 10 seconds with 85 second CDs. Therefore, recharge is quite fast compared to others. The duration of capacity and CD improves 15 and 60 seconds respectively at the sixth level.

2) Jota

Who was a part of the OB29 update adjustment which improved Character. Now, they can be considered one of the best passive ability in Free Fire. Due to its ability, continuous raids, which helps in achieving HP.

Players will have to kill the guns to use the skills of Jota. Some HP will be fine by killing them while one will help to achieve 10% by dropping down. Therefore, the balanced gameplay strategy in the jota game is a good option.

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Captain Bayah, which is also known as K., is a active capacity character, which has no time limit. He helps in EP recovery while a player maximizes the EP to 50. His ability, Master of All, has two modes with the mode switch CD.

There are two ways to master all here:

Jeu-Jitsu mode: It helps in increasing the EP conversion rates of colleagues five times, provided they exist within 6 meters.

Psychology mode: K’s psychology mode can be very good for defense and attack because the user can recover 2 EP up to 100 EP in every three seconds.

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