Linear melting rifle options at Destiny 2 are one of the most limited weapons options in Destiny 2 out of tracking weapons. There is only one handful that you can use, so let’s see what The best linear fusion pistols are for PVE, PVP and Gambit in Destiny 2 of Beyond Light.

The best linear fusion rifles of Destiny 2 (2021)

Ideal for PVE: Threaded needle and crossbow

Image through Light GG

  • Ballesta (kinetic, exotic) – Random fall in the world.
  • Lorentz pilot (empty, energy, exotic): reward of the season pass during the season of the lost.
  • Sleep simulator (Solar, Electric, Exotic) – Monument to Lost Light (exotic kiosk).
  • Threaded needle (empty, power) – reward of the season pass during the glitter season.

While we regret the unnecessary death of Line In The Sand, Bungie, at least recently, has launched players a bone with some really solid linear fusion weapons in the last seasons.

Once the sunset is canceled, you can always go ahead and get a threaded needle with something like a vorpal gun and rapid hit or clown cartridge for bosses, or dragonfly for greater clarity in case they end up improving this type of weapon.

After the great benefit of the linear melting rifle, Sleeper Simulant is back on the menu and is one of the best DPS options, especially with the Catalyst. Lorentz Driver is also a fun weapon that you can use to quickly face enemies in the orange bar and is one of the few linear mergers that use energy instead of powerful ammunition.

It is worth mentioning Arbalest again, a alien kinetic linear fusion obtained through a rare fallen from alien world. Arbalester fills a different niche. Arbalester is Excellent to start the shields of enemies, but can not be used as a substitute for Match Game, so keep it in mind.

The best linear fusion rifles for PVP: Lorentz Driver & Arbalest

Linear fusion rifles are generally not a very good option in PVP, since they are generally overcome by sniper rifles and most requires powerful ammunition. There are many better options for powerful ammunition weapons in PVP.

That said, the two exceptions are the two linear energy fusion rifles: Arbalester and Lorentz Driver.

Arbalester is in the kinetic groove and uses special ammunition instead of energy. While sniper are generally even better to use due to lack of loading time, Arbalester is still a fairly powerful weapon.

It is very precise and will easily cover any unprotected tutor. If you are quick to align precision shots, you can fix them with Arbalest if you really are reluctant to shoot a traditional sniper rifle.

Lorentz Driver, even with Nerf who eliminated his piracy skills of walls, remains a powerful linear fusion rifle that can become even more powerful the more you kill.

Best linear fusion rifle for Gambit: Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper Simulant is in a much better place now at Destiny 2 after his benefit and has a great use as an exotic hybrid that can be decent as an invasive weapon, counterattar weapon and chief damage. It is not the best in any of these things, but if you want to have the freedom to do a bit of everything, this is a great option.

That’s all by our the best linear melting rifles in Destiny 2 for PVE, PVP and Gambit EN 2021 from beyond the light and season of the elect . If you want to know more about weapons recommendations. Consult our exhaustive lists below:

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