Free Fire Developers are ready for next updates because registrations for its advance server are now open. For unaware people, it is a separate application that is released before every large update and allows players to test new features.

The upcoming advanced server is making a matter of a lot of discussion because users will have a chance to try and earn content by reporting diamond bugs and glits.

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server


Users can register and download and download free Fire OB30 Advance Server from their official website. This was the contact website.

What is the ### Activation Code, and how can the user get it by registering for Advance Server?

Since the free Fire Advance Server is limited to players in a specific number, a valid activation code is mandatory to sign in. It should be noted that this is the only use code.

The player can only get it by registering on the Advance Server website, even if it does not assure a code.

To give them a chance to get the code, it is necessary to follow these steps to register for free Fire OB30 Advance Server:

Step 1: You have to use the link above to sign in.

Step 2: After landing on the webpage, you have to sign in through Facebook.

Step 3: After signing in once, you must create a profile by filling the details like name, email ID, phone number, and much.

Step 4: You can tap on the Join button to complete the registration process.

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server Download and Installing Steps

The reader can follow these steps to download and install it when the free Fire OB 30 Advance Server is available on September 9.

Step 1: Once the download is available for Advance Server, you can go to the website and sign in by using that Facebook ID that you had to register.

Step 2: After this, you should press the downloaded APK button to receive the file.

Step 3: Then, **** you need to enable the ‘install from the unknown’ and install the file.

Step 4: You can open the free Fire OB30 Advance Server and enter the activation code you receive to enjoy the test of new features.


  • Server Open: September 9
  • Server Off: September 16
  • Downloads available: 9 September

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