Free Fire and Pabji Mobile Battle are two most famous games in the world of Royal Mobile Gaming. Both titles are available on Android and iOS platform. Even if the games have been done several times, the gameplays of both headings are different.

Pubg moves more time than the Battle Royal Match Free Fire. Instead of 100 players, only 50 players can land on a hostile island and fight for their existence in free fire. Pabji is not a free fire such as a free fire and players do not have such special advantages which they can do in matches.

Comparison between Free Fire and Pubaji Mobile

The comparison of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire is based on the graphics and FPS support given by them:

1) Graphics

Free Fire and Pabji Mobile Graphics are quite different. Pabji is supported by free fire unity where mobile is powered by the unreal engine. The Unreal Engine Pubg contributes to the magnificent detailed and realistic graphics of mobile.

Pubmi mobile graphics cleaners are fast and more realistic compared to free fire. There is a bright and more vibrant background than the east in the latter. Free Fire is famous for its cartoon graphics, which is appreciated by a wide range of players.

2) FPS support

For any game FPS (Seconds on Frames) support depends on what kind of player are used. If they are using a high-end mobile gaming device, then the game is capable of supporting 60 to 90 fps.

However, on a mid-class phone, players are advised that they will not maximize their graphics settings because it will be interval. Both Pabji Mobile and Free Fire try to ensure that players get the best experience of gameplay, so it is wise to not compromise for better graphics.


Pabji is quite ahead of free fire in case of mobile graphics; However, the choice of the game depends on the player. While attracting children and young teenagers on the basis of free fire game mechanics, Pabji attracts big teenagers and young adults due to their realistic gameplay.

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