Mithilesh Patankar, which is better known in the name of Mithat, is probably one of the most famous Indian Youtubers, including Minecrafts, GTA, Free Fire, BGMI, and more recreational commentary to Mimikri from everything from the video of the headings Is.

Their channels are now more than 9.35 million customers, 420K new customers have been added in the last 30 days. YouTuber has also been launched in the Strong Podcast, Title Podcast, which was launched in August, which became one of the first Indian Gamers to keep his podcast.

What are mythpat’s free fire id and statistics?

Their free fire ID is 2276730840. User statistics are given below in Free Fire for 4 September 2021:

Ajven Stats

Mythpat participated in eight squad matches in Free Fire and improved his opponents on two occasions, which resulted in the ratio of 25%. He has achieved ten murders by converting a win rate of 1.67.

He has played a 25 pair match and has achieved the first place in two. It broadly translates the win rate of 8%. YouTuber has noted 12 Frags, resulting in 0.52 K / D.

Internet Star has participated in nine single games and has a number of victories of two games in line with a victory of 22.22%. With 65 elimination, his death rate is 9.29.

Ranked statistics

Mythpat has not played a single rank match in Ranking Season 23.

Sangsh Squad Career

The dreamer participated in 16 Clash Squad Games and retained a winning percentage of 25%. He has eliminated 14 opponents at the rate of 21.43%, three of which have been recorded in the form of headshots. NS player also holds KDA of 1.23.

Note: Mythpat’s free fire statistics were recorded while writing articles. These are subject to change because it plays ahead of the match.

Monthly Earning

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According to the social blade website, Mystery YouTube earnings of Mythpat is approximately $ 20k to $ 319.3k.

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