Sunita Thapa, which is known as Sunita, is quite famous in the country Free Fire Community. Many players admire them for their skills and excellent performance of gameplay.

Sunita runs one of the most popular free fire, with YouTube channel, 4.24 million customers and 333.78 million ideas. On their Instagram handles, there are more than 561 thousand followers, which reflects their popularity among the people.

Sunita’s Free Fire ID and Figures

Her free fire ID is 1313112 9 6.

lifetime statistics

Sunita has performed 22083 in Lifetime Squad matches and has overtaken its opponents in 5035, which comes under the percentage of 22.80%. He achieved 53450 kilos in the K / D ratio of 3.14 in that mode.

Meanwhile, he has played 1907 couple games and maintained a win rate of 15.46%, winning 295. With 3461 murders, the death rate of the popular material manufacturer is 2.15.

Sunita has also played 898 single matches and has won 65, thereby the ratio of victory is 7.23%. He has recorded 1412 murders while ensuring 1.70’s / D ratio.

Ranked Statistics

Sunita has only participated in the rank scandal matches in the current season. He has won 17 wins in 69 games played, which is equal to a win rate of 24.63 percent. In this process, he has 218 killings in the K / D ratio of 4.19.

Monthly Earning

On the social blade, the estimated monthly income from Sunita’s YouTube was mentioned between $ 1.3k – $ 20.5k. Her annual income has also been mentioned in the range of $ 15.4K and $ 246.4K.

YouTube Channel and Ideas

Sunita is making video related to Free Fire for the last three years. At present, 682 videos are present on their channels, and the most viewed videos have been seen 24 million times.

As mentioned above, Sunita has approximately 333.78 million views with 4.24 million customers on your YouTube channel.

NOTE: In this article Sunita’s statistics were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change because they play more free fire matches.

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