The event has become an essential component of Free Fire, and game developers add new events regularly that players are added to the game. They offer various prizes for free, and must meet specific missions for users to receive the items.

After the conclusion of Free Fire 4 anniversary event on September 5, 2021, which lasted more than two weeks, the developers have added a new set of events. Moco: Calendar of Rebirth has been exposed. They offer several attractive cosmetics such awards.

Free Fire to get the swing of Mocco login event?

New baseball bat Skins Mocco is part of the login event for Rebirth. It was triggered by the September 6, 2021 today, and must complete the user to log in given days to receive the award. List of items for the event is as follows:

  • Log in each day to get 1x Gold Royal Vouchers
  • Log in to three days to get 1x weapons Royal Vouchers
  • Log in to five days to get Moco’s Swing

This event after completing the objectives of cumulative sign in to get all the award-winning baseball skin to the stage are given here:

Step 1: users will go to the open free fire and then click on the calendar icon event segment.

Step 2: will then have to select them Mocco: Rebirth tab and click Free swing section of Moco.

Step 3: Players can then choose to press the claim button to the awards received.

In addition, developers have planned several programs, which will start soon. The deadline for these events went as follows:

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  • Puzzle September September 12 6
  • Free Mocco swing: September 6 Sitnbr L3
  • Daily Log: September 10, September 26.
  • Coders Crib: September 10 26 Sitnbr
  • Challenge Mocco: September 12 September 21
  • Pan Mocco Login: September 12 September 23
  • Mocco jump September 15, September 26.
    18 Sitnbr Login September L8
  • Sitnbr 18 Playtime September L8

  • Peak Day Single Drop September L8
  • Play Stronghold Mode September 18 to 22 Sitnbr

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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