When it comes to strategic objects in Free Fire, Smok Grenade is one of the most overlooked. Although in some situations, its utility in war becomes a dwarf compared to the walls of the glue, yet it is an essential object to learn. Beginners

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There are their advantages and disadvantages to use smoking grenades, however, its versatility in the game is not behind anyone in the game. Learning to use this item effectively is going to help more than the imagination of players.

Top 5 Ways to Effectively Using Smoke Grenade in Free Fire

5) Confuse the enemy

Using smoke grenades to confuse the enemy is an art. When a time is well maintained during a match, it can cause more chaos than a silencer player associated with a sniper.

With the help of Smok Grenade, the player can confuse his opponents with very little effort. When they are thrown on camper, they often leave their position, and when they are thrown over opponents during the firing, they get back. During this annoyance the players can easily go and finish them.

4) Using smoke to retreat

When to fall back or retreat from engagement in the free fire, using the smoke grenades is the best way to avoid ignorance. While glue walls will provide excellent cover from the incoming fire, the smoke will completely hide players within them.

It will obstruct the effort to pursue the enemy because the line of sight has been cut off; And since there is no retail light of weapons pointing to the target hidden from the smoke, the player is free to escape without having much trouble.

3) Hiding and shooting from smoke

Hidden players within the smoke can not be targeted automatically by opponents, however, they can shoot back by targeting their places. While prone to shooting back, the possibility of hurry shots will be reduced.

In addition to taking a clean shot from within the smoke, players can also fix and take some time to make the strategy. If possible, players should use the enemy away from smoke using the element of surprise.

2) Applying

One of the great things about smoking grenades in Free Fire has the ability to use their aggressive and defensive. These strategic items will prove invaluable when used correctly in a difficult situation.

In places having a lot of buildings, the player can be ambushed on the opponents before using smoke grenades. Most anti-smoke tries to escape, and this will get the opportunity to shoot them without worrying about returning to fire.

1) The option of glue walls

Although many people consider the best thing to the Glu Wall in Free Fire, but the use of smoke grenades. As good option can be done. There are some differences in both objects, but in short they do the same work.

Glu’s walls provide physical cover, while the smoke grenades hide the line of sight, which becomes difficult to shoot precision for the enemy. They also hide the movement, which becomes difficult to predict the player’s place for the enemy.

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