Beginners often make mistakes like falling hot drops Free Fire. These hot drops offer big booty, but causing the downfall of most players in the early days of the game. Therefore, to avoid landing on the drop locations, which offer high quality smash enemies in large numbers.

Are in many places are free Fire Bermuda, Bermuda remastered, Kalahari, and Purjetri maps which provide good loot, but players are not magnets. Players, especially the new people who want to keep it safe, they should go for the safe landing spots in Galena Free Fire.

Descend on safe places also provides an initial benefit of survival, which is one of the things necessary for a battle royal.

Safest in ## Free Fire Drop Location

5) Mars Electric (Bermuda)

Free Fire Bermuda, Mars Electric Map extreme exists on the south (bottom). Due to the placement of choice in Bermuda, despite being near the route of flight to Mars Electric by most players are often ignored.

This place Bermuda is safer than other places. Although space does not promise a big booty, get an early advantage for the players to survive during the match BR mode.

4) Square (purification)

Free Fire’s Square in Purgatory is protected to some extent because of Free Fire players rarely explore it. Crossroads despite significant small buildings as offer booty adequate space is less crowded.

For enough loot a single player mode, but it is difficult to ascertain the spoils in a good amount for the whole squad. Despite this, new players to survive in the early stages of the match can descend on the square.

3), Santa Catarina (Kalahari)

Santa Catarina is considered one of the safest landing spots in the Kalahari of the free fire. Enough loot to survive in the early stages of a squad, but gamers will be looking for better loot elsewhere later.

Booty has not spread well at home, but Santa Catarina is important to avoid getting out early in the match. Therefore, they should go to a safe landing spot to play solo mode BR match.

2) mine (purification)

Mine-free is located in the south-western part of Fire Purjetri and often comes with some players. Average loot less searched for Prgetri also is one that was consistent with the early stages of the match.

The number of droplets in the quarry are also less likely to fight due to low. Therefore, the initial squads or individual players should be considered a part of their plans for the quarry.

Get ### 1) (Bermuda remastered)

Get to Bermuda falling remastered can easily be regarded as the safest landing spots. Located far from the spot warm drops that mean that it does not attract many players. Then at the top, high-quality loot dispersion is more than enough.

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Players can take their time and then remain cautious while can be in second place. So, is perfect for squad filled early because most efficient tend to ignore players descending time slot.

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