Out of all the Battle Royal titles available, the free fire is the best game for aggressive gameplay. Since the time of matches is less, along with the total number of players, the chance of intensive fight is often generated.

Very free fire It seems that there is no luck with the pass-range and often get dead very quickly. The lack of their experience or the gameplay technology can be a mistake, but the possibility of poor sensitivity can not be denied.

Enjoying Battle Royal and Clash Squad matches, often choose the option of the default sensitivity settings. They can change it to get better results for the nearby fight.

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Free Fire Sensitivity Settings for Nearby Battle

Before changing sensitivity settings, free fire gamers should take care that settings for every player are different. The sensitivity settings of other gamers will not get better results by copying.

The player who chooses the option of aggressive gameplay, they can use the following sensitivity settings to increase the possibility of winning the closest battle:

Normal: 98
red point: 95
2x Scope: 90
4x Scope: 80
Sniper Scope: 79
Free Look: 75

To be wont of the above settings, the player can go to the field of training and if necessary, can change. They can use different weapons of their choice and apply them according to that.

How to change sensitivity settings in Free Fire?

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According to the above information, the players can follow the steps below to set their sensitivity:

Users will have to go to the free fire and click on the settings.
After this they have to tap on the Sensitivity Option.
Then the player can make necessary changes according to his choice after clicking on the reset button.

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