Characters claim free fire special qualifications, so they become an important asset that most players want to achieve. There are more than 40 available, and they can buy them directly from the in-game store.

Diamonds are essential for the most valuable characters, the premium of the game, which should be purchased from real money. Because they are extremely valuable, Gamers look for the best options.

Five Powerful Free Fire Eligible Under 500 Diamonds

5) Jota

Price: 499 Diamonds

Qualification: Continuous Raid

If the player wants to buy a character under the 500 Diamond Price Tag then it is an incredible option. He has probably the best passive potential in the game, and the user can incorporate it properly in Character combinations.

In continuous raid, after killing an enemy gun, the player will achieve HP. At the top, 20% HP will be compensated by killing the enemy.

4) A124

Price: 499 Diamonds

Qualification: Adventures of Action

A124 takes the next place in this list, and the thrill of the battle is very good when adding with the right combination. On active it will be converted into HP within 60 EP 4 seconds. This skill is 10 second cooldown.

Users can connect with characters like Miguel to take maximum benefit of this capacity.

3) Heel

Price: 499 Diamonds

Qualification: Extreme encounter

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Xayne likes Rush Gamesplay which is fantastic to those users. The active ability of Character temporarily provides 80 HP, i.e. decay over time. Glu’s walls and shields have also increased by 100%, and these two effects go for a total of 10 seconds.

Active capabilities similar to the other, it has 150 seconds coldown.

2) Skylar

Qualification: Replication Rhythm

Price: 499 Diamonds

Skylar Song-Tung MTP has in-game personality and was added to the game through a cooperation in February. Character’s ability to further a sound wave, which damages five glue walls within the limit of 100 meters. Riptide is a 40-second cooldown time on Rhythm.

Apart from this, each glue wall that deploy the user, will start from 9 points to HP Recovery.

1) Vukongo

Price: 499 Diamonds

Qualification: Camouflage

Vukong is at the top spot in this list and is the best choice to buy less than 500 diamonds. Camouflage is excellent for clash squad mode, and by using it, the user can turn into bushes for 15 seconds.

It should be remembered that when the user attacks an enemy, the change stops. Colds of 200 seconds, but it becomes reset on meeting.

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Note: All the qualifications where they are at their maximum level.

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