Free Fire Includes a diverse range of these items, some of which affect the gun skins, characters and pets, gameplay while others, such as dress, other items skins, purely beauty reasons Are from Their price is in diamonds and therefore some users are out of reach.

The developers of the game often provide different free gifts to users by adding new events and issuing new ones. Here are some free awards available on September 10 for users.

Free Prize in Free Fire

List of free awards available at 10 September 2021 in Free Fire:

redeem code

Garena released a new Redeem code for the Indonesian server today, and it offers wastel land vault. To claim backpack, users will have to reduce the FFSHOPEE7BX2 code from the Official Rewards Reedemption Site.

Login Reward – Swing of Moko

As part of the log-in event for Moko Ribth, players get the opportunity to get the swing of Moko with Gold Royal and Venal Royale Voucher to log in for certain days. The player will collect items on 10 September 2021 based on the number of days made.

moko Month Pin

Gamers today perform 200m Cone in Horizon for Moko Month Pin from Horizon Store on September 10, 2021. Users can collect these coins from Pu Pu Pui Mini-Game, which can be accessed using the code cube C1 token.

Apart from this, once the progress of decryption crosses the specific milestone, the gamers will unlock more items in the Horizon Store.

Joseph Character (only the first top-up)

Users will earn Joseph Character by buying diamonds for the first time in Free Fire. The event will provide a reward regardless of the top-up amount. Apart from this, a new top-up event is expected to be added soon.

moko Month Banner and Turquoise Warning Avatar

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Recently added a new Moko puzzle program in Free Fire, in which it includes Moko Moko Banner and Turquoise Warning Avatar to solve it. Players have time to get all the rewards till 12 September 2021.

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