A Free Fire name, which is also known as a nickname, defines the player’s in-game personality. Due to this sole reason, the players often choose a good and unique name, or change their name to cooler by using the name changing card.

Generally, free fire players do not allow them to use special characters, letters, symbols and fonts in their in-game names. However, sites like Gamers can use Nicfinder.com and Lingojam, which allows them to do stylish names.

Here’s how the player can use unique large letters to change his name in Free Fire.

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Free Fire Ign: Receiving a surname using unique large letters

As mentioned earlier, to use unique large letters in your free fire name, players can go to the site like Nickfinder.com. To get them your desired user name, they should follow the steps below.

Step 1 . Browse Nickfinder.com to get suggestions for free fire names.

Step 2 . Tap on three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner, and select Cool Text Generator from the options.

Step 3 . Type the desired user name in the caps lock-on box and select the desired font out of the options.

Step 4 . Copy the selected font and paste it into the device’s notes.

Step 5. Open Free Fire App and tap on the profile banner.

Step 6 . Press on the Edit icon and click on Surname . The player can then copy and paste the surname.

Step 7 . Players can use a rename card to replace their current nickname or pay 390 diamonds.

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After confirmation of payment, players get a new nickname in free fire with unique large letters. If the player does not want to spend 390 diamonds, then they can click here to rename how to get the name card, to learn.

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