Captain John Price is an imaginary character in the Phone call of Duty series. He is the primary protagonist of the Modern War sub-series being among 2 personalities to be included in all of the games in the sub-series, the other being Nikolai. Price first rated as a lieutenant, and worked as a sniper under the orders of Captain MacMillan, joining a mission to assassinate Ultranationalist Leader Imran Zakhaev in Pripyat, Ukraine in 1996. He was after that advertised to a Captain and also organized an Unique Air Service team, codenamed Bravo Team , that included Soap MacTavish, prior to being held detainee in a Russian gulag after Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish. Price was well obtained by movie critics and also came to be one of one of the most popular Telephone call of Task personalities.

The essence of the character has become Garena Free Fire. They have unique capabilities that help players defeat their enemies. Developers are not shocked by issuing new characters, the latest inclusions and Dimitri, which was added after OB29 updates.

They have become extremely important due to their competitive advantage. Some characters are available for both gold and diamonds; However, some more specific items can be bought only with diamonds.

Note: The list is not in a particular order because the price of all the characters is the same. Also, the qualifications given below are at the highest level.

The most expensive character in Free Fire

The most expensive characters are given here before the Free Fire OB29 update:

5) Thiva

Qualification: Important Vibes

Price: 599 diamonds

In collaboration with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Thiva made his place in Free Fire. He was available for free as a login reward on the extreme day of the fourth anniversary ceremony. At present, he has to pay the price of diamond to get it from the store.

Vital Vibes’s ability to raise the speed of reviving the team’s companions up to 20%. Also, on successfully rescue, the user will recover 40 Health Points in 5 seconds.

4) Dimitri

Qualification: Healing Hartbeat

Price: 599 diamonds

Dimitri was first introduced in a top-up event and now it is available in the store for 599 diamonds. When active, this capacity creates 3.5 healing zones within which the user will compensate for 3 HP per second for 15 seconds.

Apart from this, users and colleagues within this area can also recover themselves when down. Coldown is 60 seconds for this ability.

3) Krono

Qualification: Time Turner

Price: 599 diamonds

Crono in the game is the most popular Character. Users can spend 599 diamonds as the in-game incarnation of football veteran Christiano Ronaldo. Crono’s ability, Time Turner, creates a force area which will prevent 600 damage and increase the speed of the movement up to 15%.

In addition, these effects go up to 8 seconds, and the coldown is set to 170 seconds.


Qualification: Master of all

Price: 599 diamonds

The master of all is an active ability in which there are many game modes – Ju-Jitsu mode and psychology mode. On equipping capacity, maximum health points will increase. The first mode will increase the HP conversion rate to 500% from the EP. On the other hand, psychology mode will restore 2 EP to 150 EP in every 2 seconds.

The player can get K for 599 diamonds from the in-game shop.

1) Alok

Qualification: Start playing

Price: 599 diamonds

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Alok in Free Fire is arguably the most favorite character and it can be purchased for 599 diamonds. When users use this capacity, it creates 5m aura, which boosts the speed of the associate up to 15%. Also, users will also get 5 HP in every second for 10 seconds.

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