Free Fire Update with each, new features are added to enhance the overall experience for the players. In the beginning of August, the last patch launched, after the positive reaction to OB29 updates, they are eagerly waiting for OB30 Version.

Advance Server for OB30 Advance Server began a few days ago and gamers provided the opportunity to test various upcoming features. The enthusiasm about the upcoming updates has increased even if it has increased.

Features of the expected release date and free Fire OB30 update

Next Free Fire Update can be released on 28 or 29 September. It is following the fact that Garena has rolled out the update one day before the end of Clash Squad Season.

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Above, Gold starts from the day of Royale update. Running an 18 days, i.e. ends in September 29.

During the day of the patch, the server for maintenance will be down for some time, after which the user will be able to enjoy the latest Version.

Features of Free Fire OB30 Advance Server


Two secrets have been added to the game:

1) Capacity – Memory Mist

After killing a opponent, this ability will show the hideout of other enemies at a distance. At the initial level, it detects opponents within 25 meters, which increases up to 50 meters at 6 levels. Team Companions will also be informed about the ability places.

2) Capacity – buzzer beater

On survival in the war, passive skills, buzzer beater retrieve health points. At first level, the user will recover 5 HP, later it will be increased to 30 HP.

Pet – Agent Hop

If players have a new pet, agent hop, equipped, they will receive EP on shrinking of the safe area every time. Later, it turns into HP when the EP is not completed.


Two new weapons are also present in the OB30 Advance Server called Treatment Shogun and Treatment Sniper . When they shoot, they will increase the HP of the team’s colleagues

Apart from these, many more features have been added, and users can read them by clicking them.

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Note: All the features of Advance Server have not been added to free fire with official updates.

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