Garena Free Fire was fixed to be hit among fans, and it has come true to all expectations. The game has maintained its continuous performance through various features and utilities, developers have provided users.

However, players have to face many problems, such as hackers, worms, restrictions on account, payment related problems and other in-game questions, due to its vast user base. Garena has provided a free Fire Help Center for the same purpose.

This article will provide step-by-step guidelines about how to reach the Player Free Fire Help Center.

Free Fire Help Center: How to contact them for in-game questions and other help

Player Google Free Fire Help Center or click here to access Garena’s Player Support website. After reaching Garena’s help desk, users can follow the steps below:

Step 1 . Tap the submit request icon in top-right corners.

Step 2 . icon players will redirect to free Fire Zendesk, where they have to choose the related social media account related to the game.

Step 3 . After choosing the linked account, the website will ask the players to choose their country.

Step 4 . Players will have to fill their details such as player ID, free fire username, request, type of problem etc.

Step 5 . As the final step, players will have to tap on submit after checking the details again. The details are important to fill properly because poorly filled or wrong details will not be considered.

After submitting all the details successfully, players will have to wait for the response from the developers.

Which issues can report players through Free Fire Help Center?

Players can report the following issues for different types of problems:

1) Payment Issue

Payment – The price of the item is visible in the wrong currency / USD
Payment – Items purchased in Google Play Not Received
Payment – special airdrop received

2) Anxiety of the game

Abuse report (oral abuse)
The problem of event (not to claim the reward or not)
Event problem (unable to reach event page)
Technical Problem

3) Negative Diamonds

4) Item Bug

Unable to equip Character or object
Unable to use Character Skills
Character skills slot not working

5) Hacker Report

Diamond Hack
Only head shot
Location Tracker / Map Hack
one hit kill
Transparent Bullet
Transportation road
Ultra-Fast Movement / Speed ​​Hack
Vehicle hack (can pass through walls)
Wall hack (hidden inside the walls and rocks)

To report hacker, players require video proof of the exact user’s exact in-game name and hacking event.

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Apart from the hack, if players are getting a restriction message themselves, they can submit a restriction request with the screenshot of the correct details, details and restrictions messages.

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