This is a checklist of a few of one of the most preferred freeware as well as free and also open-source software application first-person shooter games.

Ajay , is popularly recognized Ajjubhai , arguably the most popular person in the free fire community. His YouTube Channel, Total Gaming has crossed 27.9 million Customers are clearly displaying their fame.

Badge 99 Another Free Fire is YouTuber who has deposited a large number of funds. At the time of writing, he 7.6 million Customer and 864.27 million ideas. Apart from this, he 421K Followers on Instagram.

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID and Figures

His free fire ID is 451012596 .

lifetime statistics

AJJUBHAI is 12217 Squad mode appears and the win is Tally 29 40 , resulting. The win rate is 24.06% . In proportion to K / D 4.99 , player has 46295 pieces

Meanwhile, he wins in safe 350 1787 Pair match, percentage of victory 19.58% . Streamer is 7120 kills with / D ratio 4.95 .

In solo mode, he 972 game for his name and 90 ends at first place, which. The win ratio comes under 9.25% . The material manufacturer has racked up 2507 Elimination for / D ratio 2.84 .

Ranked Statistics

Total gaming games have been played 130 Squad matches in free fire and have overtaken your enemies 14 , leading to a win percentage 10.76% . In this process, he kills 512 with / D ratio 4.42 .

The content manufacturer has played a Single game and win . He has notched 32 pieces in / D ratio 32.00 .

Badge 99 Free Fire ID and Figures

Their free fire ID is 317768081 .

lifetime statistics

Badge has been featured in 99 8725 Squad match and unbeaten in free fire 151 9 , converting the win rate 17.40% . He keeps 24017 kills for / D ratio 3.33 .

YouTuber has competition 2009 pair game and 187 win, according to the percentage of victory 9.30% . Together 4350 Frags, the death-mortality ratio of YouTuber. 2.39 .

Internet Star has participated 1151 Single match and won in 84 , equal to the proportion of victory 7.29% . They have eliminated 2848 Enemy in / D ratio 2.67 .

Ranked Statistics

In the running season, the streamer has only played Ranked the game of Squad and managed to kill 15 Enemy, ensure the K / D ratio 3.00 .

Who has better statistics?

In Lifetime statistics, the total gaming is ahead of the badge 99 in three modes, Solo, Duo and Squad.

The statistics of their rank can not be compared because badges 99 have not played a single or doubles match and there are only a few squad matches in their name.

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Note: The statistics outlined in the article will change because YouTubers will play more matches in Free Fire.

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