Free Fire provides a comprehensive assortment of cosmetics, which includes gun skins, organization and much. However, unlike other titles, guns are not only attractive, but also unique features that make them popular among gamers.

Fleming Dragon AK is one of the most popular AK skins, because its growing damage and attractive design has great properties. It can be obtained from gun crate, which users have to buy from the store with diamonds.

Garena has released a new Redeem Code for this gun skin.

Free Fire Redeem Code for September 12 2021

Redemption: FU9CGS4Q9P4E

Award: Vivid Dragon AK Skin (30 Days)

The code is valid and working for players on Singapore server. Thus, the user should use it at first to avoid losing the awards.

While trying to get the Fleming Dragon AK skin through this code, any other server will end with any error.

steps adopted to get reward

Here is a list of steps that you have to perform through the Award Free Fire Redeem Code.

Step 1: Gamer Rewards Redempation can reduce the code on the website, until the players can reach the link below.

Website to use redemption code: click here

Step 2: It is necessary to log in after landing on the webpage to claim awards. Players are provided many options, and the list is as follows:

Huwai ID
Apple ID

Step 3: Users will have to copy the FU9CGS4Q9P4E in the text field and hit the confirm button.

Step 4: They can open free fire and get AK Skin from Mail Section.

Later users can equip it to Vapan section.

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After crossing the validity of the code, it will display a message when trying to redeem the code.

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