Improving your K / D ratio can be difficult in free fire because each match is players\-are-furious-about.html” title=”unique and offers new challenges”>unique and offers new challenges. Unless they learn the basics of the game, most players will have the average K / D ratio. Although it can not be an issue for most players, looking for some improvement methods.

The good news is that players have several ways to improve their K / D ratio. By following some simple tips during each match, the player can soon hope to get better in-game statistics.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Low Level for Free Fire Players K / D ratio

5) Do not get home at hotdress

In order to improve your K / D ratio in Free Fire, the players who should follow the golden rule, avoid dying at the beginning of the match. There is no best way to land hot-drop places to keep mortality in the game.

Even if the alignment is out with the whole team, there is a very real possibility. While professional players do survivors from hot drops, the average player will need too much luck to survive.

4) Play aggressive but carefully

Playing aggressively can not be for everyone, but this is a good way to improve your / D ratio for free fire players. Keep in mind that play aggressively does not always be hasty in viewing every opponent.

Playing aggressively is actively looking for them instead of trying to avoid opponents. Playing a safe match can also be aggressive.

3) Avoid playing with random

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Without you say it will be the best idea to play with random players when trying to make a serious match. Although it can be entertaining many times, there are several drawbacks.

Playing with random peers is the worst way to improve someone’s / D ratio, and it is the best way to spoil it. Players should either play free fire or with a coordinated team

2) Stay in safe zone

An easy way to improve your K / D ratio in Free Fire is to survive as long as possible. To do this, players should stay in safe zone at all times during the match.

It will allow them to easily roam, rob for the supply and get eradication when possible. This players will also stop on the edge of the safe area or by pinning out of the enemy’s fire.

1) Make it in the final area and secure a boom

The best way to improve someone’s / D ratio in Free Fire is that it should be made in the final area and a boon should be secured. Although for most players it will be a difficult task, but it is not impossible to achieve it.

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By winning each match, the mortality rate remained as low as possible, while mortality is always high. While it would be impossible to be a full K / D, it will receive the closest player perfection.

Edited by Rachel Simlih

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