With Garena Free Fire Max on the horizon, the fans of the title are very excited to see how many quality life adjustments will bring.

In addition to the regular player base, professional free fire athlete is also worried about the arrival of Max. And TSM FTX’s Indranil Fabinaro Saha has been quite vocal about this fact that what can expect from the official launch of Fan Free Fire Max.

Indranil TSM is a IGL for Free Fire Roster of FTX and played an important role in helping the team win the Esprote Premier League 2021. The competition was a franchisee-based league, and TSM represented Mumbai Marshal.

In an interview with Abhishek Malik of Sportskinda Esports, Indranil opened his experiences in recent competition and his thoughts on Free Fire Max.

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Presenting a fraction of the conversation.

NS. With free Fire Max on the horizon, Garine has successfully managed to promote a lot around the game. What are your expectations from the game, and do you think it will come true to them?

Indranil: I am very excited for free Fire Max. Graphics and gameplay look amazing, and I think Garena has done a great job with some things that they are trying to apply in the title. And I’m sure all our expectations will be fulfilled.

NS. What do you think there will be some major differences between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

Indranil: I think that free Fire Max will definitely be an advanced version of Free Fire. Therefore, I hope that it will play much better with more features and will improve many aspects of your predecessor.

NS. Do you think that the Advanced Graphics of Free Fire Max will affect people with low-end device?

Indranil: While I think there will be better graphics in Free Fire Max, I believe that it will run on all the low-end devices. However, players will notice most enhancements while playing on high-end device alone.

NS. Since Batladesh Mobile India Free Fire Max will be one of the biggest competitors, will you think that the upcoming title of Garena will affect the audience?

Indranil I think free Fire Max will reach those audiences which can not be predecessor. For many players, free fire graphics and gameplay style were not attractive like some other headings. Therefore, I think the new game will definitely attract new audiences.

NS. What will be some of the biggest effects of free Fire Max on Indian Mobile Esports View?

Indranil: It is very difficult to comment on something like this. But I have been quite ashamed from what I have seen

NS. TSM FTX has recently won the Free Fire Esports Premier League, talk to us about some of your experiences in the competition? What were your thoughts about this, how did the organization try to help free fire grassroots of the area through this event?

Indranil: It has been honestly unbelievable. We were honored to win a tournament by playing a video game by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi. Honestly, I can not have anything better than this and I am very happy for my team and players and what we achieved. I am very grateful to TSM to give me support and opportunity to represent them. It was incredible and I can not wait to see what will happen in the future.

NS. What did you feel about the reach of ESPL 2021 in terms of video viewers and registrations?

Indranil: ESPL has received a great response from the audience, and I would like to thank them for that wonderful event which they were able to provide both players and audiences.

NS. Do you think that Free Fire Max will be able to do that, will not its predecessor, and will help grow the ground level of this area?

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Indrail: Well, it will be too early to say anything in this case. But I am hopeful for the future and I think the entire community will benefit from free Fire Max.

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