NS Free Fire OB30 Advance Server became available to players on September 2021 and now mobile gamers can enjoy it. Advance Server has kept some exciting features that players can quickly try.

Before rolling out every major free fire updates, developers give players a chance to test features through Advance Server. Mobile gamers can report bugs and disturbances to get a chance to win diamond (in-game currency).

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server Date and Features

NS Last Date is 16 September 2021 for OB30 Advance Server.

Fire Emblem Heroes - New Heroes (Keepers of Faith)
The following are noticeable features that players can try in Free Fire OB30 Advance Server:

1 . New character

Two new free fire characters have been unveiled. There are passive capabilities in both. The characters have not been disclosed.

Capacity, memory mist, will reveal the status of enemies located within 25 to 50 meters, once a player eliminated the second enemy. Another capacity, buzzer beater, if the player survives in the war, they will retrieve HP.

2. New weapon

Two new weapons, Treatment Shotgun and Treatment Snipers, possibly will be presented via OB30 updates. When shooting on the team’s colleagues, both guns help in fixing HP. Players can not use it on getting more hot.

3 . New pet

A new pet, agent hop, appeared in Advance Server. Bounming Bonus will allow players to get EP every time the safe area is small.

4 . New game mode

Players can expect a new game mode called belly Menia to come in their way. Free Fire Gamers must fulfill many challenges to win the match. A different map called Air Fair for this mode has been prepared.

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Note: Every new aspect presented in Free Fire OB30 Advance Server can not be presented via OB30 updates. Players are requested to not accept Advance Server features as a guarantee until no stable updates come in front.

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