The League Steps Free Fire India Championships 2021 Fall Split are going to start from September 17. The league for three weeks will be on the weekend between Stage Friday and Sunday, which will start from October 3 to October 18.

The match will be held for a total of nine days, in which two groups will face the best six format. Each group will reach the top two teams in the Grand Final, while the rest will play in the play-in round.

Like a few days ago, the Garena league revealed the names of 18 teams participating in steps. He has now revealed groups for these teams. There are six teams in a single group, two of which are invited teams, while four of them come through qualifiers. See all groups, match schedules and ways to see them.

Free Fire India Championship 2021 About Fall We know whatever till now

Here is a list of confirmation groups of FFIC 2021:

Group A

Total gaming
Team chaos
Desi Gamers
LR7 Sports
Trained to kill
Ora Sports

Group B

Blind Sports
Skylitz Gaming
Head Hunters
PVS Gaming
Titanium Army

Group C

Fire Emblem Heroes : Legendary Sigurd summoning section
Galaxy Racer
Team Elite
4 unknown
UG Empire
From the future
Team Arrow

NS Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring Version hit 231K peak audience, while the free Fire Pro League touched 184K peak audience. However, the recently concluded City Open has crossed 278K peak audience. FFIC Fall Tournament can easily reach the number of peak view of six digits, but will it be able to break the previous record, someone is estimated.

FFIC 2021 Fall Where to see: –

The tournament will be streamed at 6:00 pm on the evening at 6:00 pm with the official YouTube channel and the Facebook page on Facebook page, especially free fire.

Defending Champion Galaxy Racer released four players from his roster in August and will soon be preparing to announce his new lineup. Skylightz gaming has entered Free Fire Esports South Asia because he has recently acquired the young Gurkha ESP’s roster.

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A few months ago, Blind Esports signed Team Captain Free Fire Roster. After this he won the free Fire Boya Girls League.

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