The Rasmussen brothers got their first domestic computer in the same way as many of our generation, appropriating the one who brought home to work. Peter had already been able to flirt with Counter-Strike while studying primary education, he was even dropped by a Copenhagen youth club to take some games and kill that monkey. With that machine at home, you may surely start the shooting game even if it was built for more routine tasks, he had to convince him to him.

The head of the family was a very cerebral person, who liked to have everything under control. It was normal that he did not make a lot of grace to see the workspace of him invaded by the children of him and a game so violent, but the little Rasmussen achieved it. Of course, before installing even Counter-Strike, you had already read the then abused Terms of Service, the system requirements and the most detailed information possible about its Creator; He was not going to risk spoiling his computer with a herd of virus. Peter and his brother promised to use a few hours after coming from school. Few lies are said with less conviction.

The calm is over

Life was happy at the Rasmussen’s house, until an afternoon of 2010 in which Peter arrived from the Institute to eat. His parents were already with the plate on the table, a daily scene that had lived millions of times; Sufficient to know that that cold silence meant something bad. The father of the family had come to a routine check in which they detected a stomach cancer . He was not linked or with the extreme anointing on his forehead, but a shadow hovered over the family willing to continue growing day by day under the watchful look of him.

As in these cases, time is worth more than ever and always want to reserve for the person who can leave at any time. However, an exhaust valve is also necessary to evade from the sad and darkness that is death. Peter found her in that first game that he installed on a computer with his father: Counter-Strike began to be the psychic medicine every night . He was every time he spent more time playing, something worried about him, but safely, there would be some relief to hear his laughter through the closed door of his room.

Even though the disease began in the stomach and he continued to devour the tenant of him until he played the liver and spine, life did not change too much for the family. What if he started changing it was the success that Peter, known as DUPREEH in the world, began to harvest in Counter-Strike. In 2014 he signed by dignitas, a club that paid him a salary with which to help at home, and make seeing the parents of him that he could have a career in electronic sports. And it was his father who began to exercise from Manager and Advisor. Nobody better than that method so methodical to guide him in what was not being the first work experience of him.

Astralis and the point of no return

Two years later, Dupreeh created along with the companions and friends of him one of the teams that today are considered on the podium of the most dominant of the Counter Strike: Astralis . A year after the foundation, they were already gaining tournaments of the highest category within their game, the Majors. And there was Dupreeh’s father to help him with tax payments, moving away from the interested cantamaneans and even being moral support in bad sports moments; Sometimes in person in the displacement.

A kind of calm Chicha, and even happiness, which was truncated at the end of 2018. A fall in the Dupreeh Father’s train shot out with a broken arm. An injury apparatus for someone healthy, but a condemnation to the suffering of who is invaded by that disease. Cancer pressed nerves and doctors could not add more soothing to a body that already had a medicine cocktail in his veins.

Things never improved at all until February 2019, he was admitted to the hospital. Dupreeh was preparing the Intel Extreme of Katowice , one of the biggest tournaments of the year in Counter Strike, which also granted half a million dollars to the winner. Astralis was the most favorite, but the most important person for one of him was scratching hours and days to a vital clock that already granted him almost a decade of discount with his family.

a promised triumph

Peter tried to take advantage of those last moments, already in the hospital, but his father was barely conscious during the long hours of vigil. During one of those moments of lucidity, he realized that the Katowice Iem was just around the corner and told him the last sentence that his son would hear from his lips:

  • I want you to go to the tournament. Good luck

The day before the trip of Dupreeh, his father’s body could not be more. And the Counter Strike was again the way to change the chip of a Danish player who stepped on the Polish city where the championship is played, he began to think about plays, rotations, metajame and the need to fulfill high expectations. Like that first computer, Dupreeh left in standby all the duel for his father and began to play like never, to the point that Astralis took the tournament without losing a single map.

The family of another father of him, astralis, merged into a huge hug, aware of what this victory meant for them and especially for Peter. Through a call days before going to Katowice, they gave him permission to stay in Denmark and pass the swallow with the relatives of him. But Peter needed them just like he needed the Counter Strike to find some light at such dark moments.

And at that moment, the image of his father appeared in his head and returned his tears into his eyes. After lifting the trophy, Peter sat on one of the stage stairs of the SPODEK ARENA along with his mother. Thousands of people began to leave the stands, the confetti moved by the atmosphere, but in those few square meters the time stopped so that both could sketch a bitter smile; Dupreeh had managed to fulfill the desire that his father transmitted to him on the deathbed.

Player’s Tribune of Dupreeh.