Some of the new features consisted of in Windows 7 are advancements in contact, speech and also handwriting recognition, assistance for virtual hard disks, assistance for added data styles, boosted performance on multi-core processors, improved boot efficiency, and bit improvements.

Free Fire OB30 With the release of Advance Server a few days ago, Gamers have the opportunity to comprehensive test of new features before joining the title with the upcoming patches.

A glimpse of the new feature has now increased the enthusiasm among the players expecting the release of the patch. After the update issued, users will be able to get updated versions from Google Play Store and App Store. Additionally, developers can also compensate players with different items to download the latest Version.

Note: This is only a expected release date and feature because the developers have not yet announced the patch and release of its content .

Free Fire OB30 Update Required Release Date

The last few free fire patch generally exist. Clash Squad Rank Season was released one day before. Ranking Season 8 is expected to be closed on September 29. As a result, the player can expect the upcoming update to roll out on September 28.

This required date is also supported by the fact that the OB29 update was released a day before the new Gold Royal, and the current stops on September 29.

Due to maintenance, the server will remain inaccessible on the day of the patch, and the update will be released a few hours. However, the user can only play free fire once the server is running up and running.

Potential Features


Two Mystery Characters present in the Gamers Advance Server can expect to be released in OB30 updates. The first capacity is called memory mist, which will reveal the place of enemies within the 50-meter limit after the players eliminate an opponent.

On the other hand, the capacity of the second Mystery Character is buzzer beater, which will compensate for 30 health points after surviving in the war.


Two new firearms from Advance Server can also be introduced in the upcoming patch. It includes a Treatment Shotgun and Treatment Spiner, which again fills the HP of the team when they are shot.

New Pet – Agent Pop

Developers can also add agent hop, a new pet that is called bounming bonuses. EP will be recovered on shrinking of Safe Zone.

New Guild Interface

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Guild interface has been re-prepared in Advance Server, and can be added with change patch. As a result the user will be able to select the guild badge.

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