Free Fire players provide a wide cast of characters and other cosmetics, including expressions, costumes, and much more. While some characters have unique capabilities that benefit the users, such as other cosmetics do not affect the actual gameplay.

However, in-game accessories have become an important attraction for gamers, which are eager to achieve exclusive and rare items. Players should make diamonds, premiums of the game, most of these transactions.

Unlike gold, users should buy diamonds from real money. Many players seem impossible to spend money on this virtual currency and therefore explore options. Here are some ways that the players can do to get free diamonds to legly and legally spend in free fire.

How to Get Free Diamond to Get Characters and Emotions in Free Fire

Google Opinion Rewards is considered to be one of the most effective methods of getting these in-game currency without paying money. Google has more than 50 million installed applications and its rating is 4.2 star.

Users must download Google Opinion Rewards and will have to set up their profile by answering basic questions. Later they will get small and straight survey, in which they will receive Google Play Credits. They can be used to purchase in-app.

Once the user collects enough credits, they can buy diamonds within the free fire.

If players want to get maximum value for credit, they can stop them until receiving a special airdrop. Even after receiving 100% bonus, the number of diamonds offered compared to regular top-up is comparatively too much.

How To Get Unlimited Surveys In Google Opinion Rewards || Secret Trick Revealed || Watch till End

Apart from this, sometimes Bo-in-game items such as Bo-In-Game items are also offered.

After receiving the diamond, the player can buy from the character and the shop. In addition, they can also wait for a special event in free fire to get them.

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Note: Players will have to invest time and effort to obtain free diamonds using Google Opinion Rewards.

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