EA distributes gifts to Battlefield fans. For a short time you can secure two popular extensions for the first and fourth part of the series for free and retain forever.

Battlefield players should access quickly

The upcoming game Battlefield 2042 was shifted, but the new free contents of EA could sweeten the waiting time a bit. For a few days you get the extensions Battlefield 1: Turning Tides as well as Battlefield 4: Naval Strike for PC, PS4 or Xbox One simply gifted.

Both extensions can be easily downloaded in the XBox, Microsoft, or PlayStation Store as well as the Xbox Game Pass or the Origin Launcher. Especially for players with EA Play is a great offer , as both basic games are included there for free!

These are the extensions:

Turning Tides : The third expansion pack for Battlefield 1 sends you to Amphibious battles on land, sea or in the air . With the Allied Landungstruppen storms the stalls of Gallipoli or defends the fortifications of the Ottoman Empire – you expect many exciting challenges.

Im Rasant trailers can you make a first impression of the DLC:

However, the expansion brings not only challenging missions, but also something new for your arsenal. The destroyer of the L-class, with which you can control the sea, and the airship of the C-Class, which brings the enemy to the death from above, wait for you.

Turning tides in the Microsoft Store

Turning tides in the PlayStation Store

Naval Strike : One of five extensions for Battlefield 4. on four new cards continues this extension to the dramatic struggles to water from BF4 in the South China Sea. Nansha attack offers you the largest sea area so far on a Battlefield card. There, however, be careful, because the weather is constantly beating.

Many water and numerous boats in the trailer to Navel Strike:

There are also 5 new weapons, Hovercraft, 10 orders and the carrier handle game mode – a new edition of Titan mode from Battlefield 2142 with aircraft carriers.

Naval Strike in the Microsoft Store

Naval strike in the PlayStation Store

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