Diamonds in Free Fire are a highly reputed currency because their use is used to buy premium products. Premium currency of Battle Royal Titles can be achieved only by using real money.

Characters such as DJ Alok and EmoTs are among the most sought items in the players of Fire. Consequently, players search for ways to buy diamonds because they need to get all such materials. One way to achieve it is in-game top up center.

How to Buy Free Fire Diamond to Buy DJ Alok and EmoTs, a guide on this

How can the player buy, the steps are listed below: Free Fire Diamonds:

Step 1: The first step for players is to boot Garena Free Fire and then press the Diamond icon as shown in the picture below:

Step 2: On their screen, they will get different top-up options. After this, gamers can choose diamonds in the required number and move forward with the purchase.

Top up options available in Free Fire are given here

₹ 80 – 100 diamonds
₹ 250 – 310 diamonds
₹ 400 – 520 diamonds
₹ 800 – 1060 diamonds
₹ 1600 – 2180 diamonds
₹ 4000 – 5600 diamonds

Step 3: After completing the payment, the in-game currency will be added to the user’s free fire account.

The player can use it to buy DJ Alok and emoTs in the acquired diamond Garena Free Fire.

DJ Alok in Free Fire

Qualification: Start playing

The capacity of Character manufactures an aura of 5 meters which compensates 5 HP and enhances the speed for a specific period. At the base level, the increase in speed is 10%, and the duration is 5 seconds. They grow up to 15% and 10 seconds respectively at the highest capacity.

Players will have to spend a total of 599 Diamond to buy DJ Alok.

the emotions

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There are about 30 emotions in the in-game shop and their prices are different depending on their rarity. Players are advised to wait for those events, during which the prices will be available at a lower price.

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