There are many types of cosmetics available in Free Fire that users can get by spending diamonds. Users can participate in events to get an opportunity to achieve such items and meet different tasks.

Moco in Free Fire: Many programs are running as a part of rebirth and many awards are available. Glow Rubic Grenade, Cyber ​​Multitaskar Lootbox, and Glow Technology Skyboards are one of the most attractive awards that users can get.

How to get free prize in Free Fire today, a guide on this (September 19, 2021)

coder crib

Moco s CRIB will began on September 10 and will run till September 26. During its period, users will have to participate in the Pew Pew Pew Minigue using the coder cube C1 to earn M coins. These can be redeemed to get a series of exciting awards later. Some attractive items are given below with the token in the required number:

Moko Month Pin – 200m Coins
Pet Skin: Cyber ​​Falco – 150M Coins
Moko s Wings – 150M Coins
Cosmic Teleportia Bundle – 500m Coins

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Moko Jump

Moko offers a fascinating glow drone backpack as a reward. In this incident, users will have to earn specific points in the minigum by dodging obstacles. Apart from this, there are two different modes – Origin and virus invade mode, which provides more points.

The player will be able to get all the stage awards by collecting 12000 points.

Friends Callback

Friends Callback Event launched Free Fire will end on September 18 and on September 21. Players will have to invite passive friends back to the game in order to achieve these awards:

Call a friend to a friend – 6x coder cube c1
Call three friends – 6x coder cube c1
Back to five friends – cyber multitaskar booty box and 6x coder cube C1
Back to seven friends – 10x coder cube c1

Citadel Battle

NS was presented in the game in the game, and an event around it was also added. To become eligible to claim the following free awards, users will play a specific number of matches in that mode

A match: weapon Royale Voucher (termination: October 31, 2021)
Five Match: Vapan Royal Voucher (Expiry: October 31, 2021)
Ten Match: Grenade – Glow Rubic

Moko s Challenge

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NS Moko s challenge event began in a week ago and will run till September 21. Players need to play a certain number of games using the Moko Character to achieve these items:

A match with Moko: 1x Gold Royal Voucher
Three Matches with Moko: 1x Venge Royal Voucher (End: October 31, 2021)
Five Matches with Moko: Glow Technica Skyboard

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