Free Fire Max is a standalone app that creates on the original Free Fire Gameplay with advanced sequences, special effects and other features to increase overall experience. With the starting period of pre-registration on 29 August, the game gave enthusiasm in the free fire community worldwide.

The title has already crossed the milestone prescribed by the developers, in which there is a staggering claim of 30+ million pre-registrations, which demonstrates the popularity and enthusiasm of the game among the players. Developers have confirmed the release date of long-awaited title, which means that users wait soon will end.

Free Fire Max Launch Date and Pre-Registration Process

The pre-registration phase of free Fire Max will be closed on September 27, which will be the global launch of the game on 28 September.

Users have almost a week to register themselves for the game. Pre-registration is open to Google Play Store and Pre-Registration website, which later get additional rewards.

Since milestones have already been completed, Gamers will have to register on the website just to get the following: Free Fire Max Release:

Max Rechar (Down)
2x Gold Royal Voucher
Max Recker (Facepent)

Cyber ​​Max Surfboard
Max Rechazor (Head)

Steps of registration for free Fire Max on the website are given here:

Step 1: First of all, you need to boot up the calendar icon to open the Free Fire and Event section.

Step 2: You should press the GO to button under the FF MAX pre-register under the Event tab.

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Step 3: After this, you have to click on the Pre-Register Now button.

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Step 4: You have to select your system and press the Confirm button to complete the registration.

The reader can also go to the free Fire Max page on the Google Play Store for this much anticipated title. contact. Once on the page, they should press the pre-register button to complete the process.

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