Free Fire Max provides more emasters experience by enhancing animation, visual and features while maintaining the necessary gameplay elements of the original game. At the end of this month, the announcement of its release completed the entire community with joy.

The release with him was scheduled for 28 September, it is only a few days when the player can finally try the title.

They were expecting its launch for a long time, and the enthusiasm was visible by the number of pre-registration. It has crossed 30 million figure in less than a month of start.

Free Fire Max Prix-Registration Date

Users will be rewarded for pre-registration Free Fire Max. To do this, they have time to 27th September.

Since all the milestones have been crossed, Gamers should not miss this easy opportunity to get the award. Apart from this, many items will be received without any fee by inviting friends.

Free Fire Max FEATURES

Bermuda Max map

Free Fire Max will be a new ball tower and factory area in the new Bermuda Max map.

Firelink Technology

Firelink techniques essentially allows free fire users to play free Fire Max with their current free fire accounts. It will enable them to move forward and maintain in both applications.

Matching with Free Fire Players

Free Fire Max and Free Fire Player can share BR experience without focusing on your application. This feature will possibly expand the overall reach of the game.

360 degree lobby

360-degree lobby is a special component of Fire Max. This enables players to show their weapons, vehicles, skins and other accessories within the lobby.

Kraftland Game Mode

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In Free Fire Max, Kraftland is a new game mode which allows players to create and design their own map. Later, both Version people can enjoy playing on the new Clash Squad Map.

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