Coins in Moko Free Fire, which is also called M Coins, can be used to gain in-game moko accessories by players. They can get M Coins through: Reborth Event.

Moko has recently taken a spotlight on Free Fire because he is the latest Character to keep awakening capacity. There are three other passive characters in Free Fire: Hayato, Kelly and Andrew, who have their own elite Version.

How to Get Moko Cein in Free Fire?

To learn how to earn Moko coins, the player can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Mobile gamers will have to go to the free fire and tap on the calendar option.

Step 2: Moko: Under the rebirth event, players will have to go to Kodors Krib .

Step 3: Then they have to click on Go to .

Step 4: After this, mobile gamers will have to tap on Pu Pue Pue .

Step 5: To win Moko coins, players must complete the minigum.

Step 6: Gamer can now use these coins to redeem off-made awards.

Assistant player can get using Moko coins

Free Fire Gamers can get the following accessories using Moko coins:

Diamond Royal Voucher – 50 Moko Coins
Weapon Royale Voucher – 50 Moko Coins
Moko s wings (parachute) – 150 Moko coins.
Random Loadout Smash Crate – 15 Moko Coins.
Gold Royal Voucher – 30 Moko Coins
Pet food – 30 moko coins.
Armor Crate – 15 Moko Coins.
Supply Crate – 15 Moko Coins.
Cyber ​​Falco (Pet Skin) – 150 Moko Coins.
Moko Month Pin – 200 Moko Coins.
Alive – 15 Moko Coins
Summon Airdrop – 15 Moko Coins.
Scan – 15 Moko Coins.

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Note: Players must have adequate coder cube CI to participate in Pu Pu Pu . They can get coder cube CI by logging in and participating in in-game event.

To learn how to unlock the awakened Version of Moko, click .

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