After the freshly published, carefree Arcade-Knobler Rainbow Reactor: Fusion dares the small VR studio TunerMaxx Media from Berlin to a narrative of a narrative project with playable disaster history. The Adventure Snow Scout is expected to appear in Spring 2022 in Steam s Early-Access, after having made good experiences with the model at the puzzle game, so team leader Kalle Max Hofmann last night in the podcast Alternative realities (from Timecode 2:01:48) .

It deals with a walking simulator on rails – which reminds a little bit of firewatch in the snow. Apart from Lone Echo, there is still a catching demand in this VR genre, so Hofmann, who previously involved in numerous TV productions – especially in the area of ​​visual effects.

After good experiences with Steam s early enrollment, the new title of the studio should also benefit from the input of the community. For the time being, only a PC VR version seems to be planned. Already at Rainbow Reactor later followed an extended quest implementation – et al. In order to replay more invested production costs.

Instead of using the left stick, move in Snow Scout with the motion controllers forward, which act as handles of the virtual cross-country ski sticks. Instead of wild tricks as in Carve Snowboarding & Co., one is much slower on the way, especially since it would not give explosions as in fracked.

In the mountain wake up of a fictitious ski resort in the Alpine region, the player should actually only volunteer safety on the slopes. This includes the review of the snow quality, the protection against avalanches, a check of the lifts and tests on a ramp. But then an apparently uniform catastrophic history unfolds. It will outline in the abstract of the conveyor program as follows:

Through a bad weather penurtion, there is a dramatic addition of the situation, so that the players are cut off the outside world. With skill and prudence, the players can use the previously learned and thus master the situation. In addition, a small background story is told that the Exactively influence players.

Until the start of the Early Access you want to complete the basic version of the game: it is supported by the Federal Ministry of Transmire for Transport and Digital Infrastructure with a subsidy of 56,040 euros.