Indian names are based upon a selection of systems and calling conventions, which vary from region to region. Names are also affected by religion and also caste and may originate from epics. India s population speaks a broad range of languages as well as virtually every major religious beliefs on the planet has a complying with in India. This range produces refined, typically complex, differences in names as well as naming designs. Because of historic Indian cultural impacts, several names across South and also Southeast Asia are affected by or adapted from Indian names or words.
For some Indians, their birth name is different from their official name; the birth name begins with an arbitrarily selected name from the person s horoscope (based on the nakshatra or lunar manor matching to the person s birth).
Lots of kids are given 3 names, often as a component of religious teaching.

Sahil Rana, aka AS Gaming has become one of the largest names in the Indian Free Fire Community. YouTuber is 14.2 million customers, and in the last year, their growth has motivated many players to build content.

As gaming has collected 800K customers and 153.964 million views last month.

What are the free fire id and figures of AS Gaming?

Free Fire ID is 169525329 as gaming. Their statistics in Free Fire are given below:

Ajven Stats

AS Gaming has participated in 7818 squad matches and 1203 out of them, which is converted into a win rate of 15.38%. He has ended 20268 opponents, thereby became the K / D ratio of 3.06.

They have 309 billions in 2216 pair games, which maintains a victory of 13.94%. With 6024 murders, YouTuber has maintained the K / D ratio of 3.16.

AS Gaming 2732 has also participated in single sports and has improved its opponents in 354 games, resulting in 12.95% win percentage. He has achieved 10188 forts and has maintained 4.28 s / D ratio.

Ranked statistics

AS Gaming has participated in 10 squad matches and has been in the first place on three occasions in accordance with 30% win. He has deposited 60 pieces with 8.57 K / D ratio.

He has played two Duo games, and three kilograms for the K / D ratio of 1.5.

Finally, the content maker has a single pair match on his name, and has two goals with 2 K / D ratio.

Note: ASS gaming statistics were registered at the time of writing articles and are subject to change.


According to Social Blade, AS Gaming is estimated to earn in the range of $ 38.5k – $ 615.9k every month from your YouTube channel. Additionally, their annual income is estimated to be approximately $ 461.9k – $ 7.4m.

Youtube channel

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AS Gaming is uploading a video related to free Fire for some time, the first video on its channel is being uploaded in January 2019. Since then, he has seen a huge increase and 14.2 million customers have been deposited.

This keeps them second in the list of the most subscribed Indian Free Fire Content Creators on YouTube. They also have a total view count of more than 1.737 billion.

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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