When it comes to the characters of Free Fire, mobile gamers have many options. Each Character is unique in its own way and offers special powers to players so that they can get the best results in Battle Royal and Clash Squad matches.

Many free fire users are in aggressive gameplay and often searchable which is playstyle-friendly. This article compares Krono, Carolyn and A124 to determine who is the best option for aggressive matches.


Crono is one of the most popular free fire characters, who has the ability of time turner. Gamer can use a force area that can prevent 600 damage from the enemies. The active ability also increases its speed 5% and has a cold count of 200 seconds.


Caroline is one of the least popular free fire characters with passive ability, agility. If the player a. The machine gun, the speed of their speed increases 3%.


A124 is an active ability that is called thrill of Battle. Will be able to convert the gamers 20 EP to HP within four seconds. They can use their ability very often because the cooldown is only 10 seconds.

Note: The figures outlined are at the initial level. To make these characters more powerful, players have to climb the levels.

Which Free Fire Character is better for the aggressive gameplay?

When it comes to Crono and A124, there is no match for Caroline. When comparison is limited to only two, fans should conclude that the in-game form of Christiano Ronaldo is more powerful than the free fire robot.

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Crono is a good choice for those players who are in aggressive gameplay because they not only enhance their speed but also allows them to shoot on enemies from within the force area which prevents damage. However, in OB27 updates, Krono s powers were significantly reduced, which extended their cold downtime to 200 seconds.

Disclaimer: Character selection is a personal decision, and giving a priority to another completely depends on a person s game style.

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