Update: As announced, the web version of the FIFA 22 app went to the start in yesterday s evenings. You can see it here and log in.

During the day, the Companion App for iOS and Android follows. An exact time has not yet been mentioned.

Message of 21 September 2021: Together with FIFA 22 starts the FUT 22 web app. However, you do not have to wait until the regular launch of the football game. Because how Electronic Arts says on the own website, the browser tool for the Ultimate Team is already available from September 22, 2021. It is the day on which the EA play trial is activated.

Members of the Electronic Arts online service get the opportunity to play a ten-hour early access version with the trial. Early access includes all the functions of the full version, which also applies to the Ultimate Team mode.

When the time the activation of the FUT 22 web app is activated, is not known. However, it is suspected that you can be accessed during the wednesday afternoon

Features of the FUT app

The FUT 22 web app offers different features that you can use. These include the management of the FUT teams and the conclusion of goals. Below is an overview with the most important features:

Managing FUT teams and club items
Buy and sell players on the transfer market
Definition of listings and individual tactics
Administration and customization of player cards with style cards
Equip Cosmetics, including jerseys, coats of arms and catches
Presentation of quest progress and redemption of finished quests
Team of the Week (TOTW) See
Share your own team via URL

Further explanations for FUT 22 will find your on the official site .

New this year is that the Division Rivals mode has been slightly changed. In it, you play in your division against other participants to improve your rank. In Seasons, however, progress is reset and depending on your progress will be determined where it goes on for you in the new Season.

You can use the FUT 22 web app very simple via the browser of your PC or mobile device. As a login, the same access data, which you have already used for FUT 21. There will also be a Companion App for iOS and Android devices. The activation takes place a day later on September 23, 2021.

Other messages to FIFA 22:

Preview packs are available to the launch of this year s offshoot
The 20 players with the highest scores – Messi at the top

Regular appear will be FIFA 22 on October 1, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In the case of the switch version, however, it must be noted that buyers receive a legacy edition, which once more contains just cadre extensions. More about FIFA 22 Experiences you in our topic overview.

Further messages to FIFA 22.