Beginners often avoid taking grenades of smoking Garena Free Fire, as mostly think that they are relatively useless. Ignorance is probably because smoking grenades do not harm the opponents like a piece, nor do they offer shields like glue wall.

However, if a real free fire match is used efficiently, then smoking grenades provide significant strategic benefits. Players can use them for various purposes such as making diwerson, blind the enemy, avoid the scene.

The abundance of smoke grenades in the entire map is another plus point which makes them sure in the strategic equipment Free Fire.

Smoke Grenade in Free Fire: Top 5 Use for Beginners

Top 5 advantages of keeping smoke grenades in the free fire match are given here:

1) Revive a team partner

Players often attack in open areas, where natural cover is not available. If they do not have the walls of glue available, the player can use Smoke Grenade to get partial cover from the enemy fire.

Smoke will help blind the eyes of the enemy, so that the players will be able to revive their peers quickly in the open area. This can give players some time to show their effect on the situation and pass through some important strategies.

2) Fix yourself

When the HP of the players is less, the glu can get out of the walls and do not escape opponents, the game almost ends. In such a case, smoking grenades is the only way to heal the enemy s vision.

Smoke will not prevent enemies from firing, but it will significantly reduce the accuracy of their shots.

3) create a distraction

When a team is in danger, smoking grenades are one of the best ways to save them. Players can throw two or three grenades in the opposite direction to confuse opponents.

They can shoot on enemies through smoke to dissolve further. This strategy mostly works and gives gamers a great opportunity to save his colleagues without any nuisance.

4) Smoke and Bhagador

Running on the far weak enemy is often sure to kill some people in the free fire, but without attacking the enemies without any surprise. Therefore, players should use a smoke grenade, if their goals are far away, to ensure that they do not indicate the movement.

Smoking and running is a excellent strategy because it retains the amazing element for opponents.

5) Essential to Avoid

As previously said, smoking grenades are great to obstruct the enemy s eyes. Therefore, if they are out of the walls of the glue, then you can apply this strategy to avoid.

Players just have to do so that throw many smoke grenades in the eyes of the enemy and escape until they reach the safe place. They can throw grenades in the opposite direction and can also adopt Diwerson Strategy.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal ideas of the author and is not in any particular order of the rank.

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